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Divorce / Legal Separation

Tulsa Divorce Lawyer Services

We believe that making our clients knowledgeable of their rights and Oklahoma Divorce Law is essential to reducing the stress that comes with a divorce or separation. The Gorospe & Smith divorce attorneys value the opportunity to spend more time with our clients covering every possible issue they may face. This strategy assures that our clients are fully informed of each step in the process and helps us achieve the best possible outcomes in all divorce matters.

Child Custody Lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Custody, Visitation and Child Support

Tulsa Child Custody Lawyer Services

As parents, we know the importance of the relationship between a parent and child. Our skilled attorneys are available to assure that your child’s best interests stay at the forefront of your case, whether it is a divorce, legal separation or paternity case.

Knowledgeable and aggressive protection of your rights means gathering all of the necessary information and evidence essential to insuring that your child’s best interests are protected.

Tulsa Alimony Attorney: Gorospe & Smith Alimony Attorney Law Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Alimony and Spousal Support

Tulsa Alimony Attorney Services

Alimony is not a guarantee under Oklahoma Law, so it is important that you have legal counsel that is experienced in both achieving and defending alimony and spousal support judgments. Our experience allows us to take a comprehensive approach to your case so that you are fully aware of all of your rights and obligations under the law.

Tulsa Divorce Lawyer

Filing for divorce can be an overwhelming experience for anyone considering terminating a marriage. Finding a reliable divorce lawyer in Tulsa is a necessary step to insure that you don’t have to carry the burden alone. Divorce procedures require legal aid and representation of an educated and experienced family law attorney. You need an experienced Tulsa divorce lawyer that understands Oklahoma divorce statutes.

At Gorospe and Smith our Tulsa family lawyers and divorce attorneys can help. We specialize in divorce proceedings and legal issues that arise from family matters and we have extensive courtroom experience in handling such cases. Our divorce and child custody lawyers will council you and determine whether or not it is in your best interest to go to court or not and attempt to avoid unnecessary costs and unwanted stress. Our divorce lawyer will approach your case with care and attention so not to inflict more damage on a situation that has already been so trying on both parties.

Children and Child Custody in Divorce Proceedings

In the event that children are involved or custody of children is an aspect of your divorce every step needs to be taken to protect the children from the stress and anxiety that a divorce can sometimes cause. A good divorce lawyer will know how to advise you on how to protect your children from the affects of divorce. Child custody is a delicate matter and a good divorce attorney will know exactly how to handle your case to protect your child and protect your rights as a parent.

If you are in the process of terminating your marriage then you need an experienced and dedicated Tulsa divorce lawyer. Call Gorospe & Smith’s divorce lawyer today at (918) 582-7775 for a free initial consultation and let us take on the burden of your divorce proceedings.

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