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Life is good because of “mom”. In the fun times and the sad times you can count on mom. But when life takes an unexpected turn and tragedy strikes life is not the same when mom can’t work in the home or outside the home. Who takes care of mom when this happens? At Gorospe and Smith Tulsa injury law firm we know how critical a woman’s role is in our community. Thats why its important to get mom back on her feet and back to life as we know it The insurance company may not have your best interests in mind. If you have been injured in an accident and its not your fault call the injury law firm of Green Country Law and let our injury attorneys help you get your life back! [box style=”alert”]Let Tulsa lawyers Gorospe and Smith help you during your darkest hour. Contact a reliable Tulsa injury attorney today at (918) 582-7775.[/box]

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