commercial tractor-trailer careening down the road at breakneck speed is a frightening sight to any driver. The operator of that truck may be rushing to get to their destination, unaware that their lack of rest and unwillingness to take a break is putting everyone at risk.

At The Gorospe Law Group Personal Injury Law Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our motor vehicle accident attorneys hold truck drivers who engage in this negligent behavior accountable when they injure you.

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When Regulations Are Violated, You Get Hurt in a Truck Accident.

Commercial truck drivers and their employers must not only observe the basic rules of the road, but also abide by federal regulations that govern the commercial trucking industry. There is a finite time they can spend on the road and mandates related to the rest they need. The loads they carry in their semi truck trailers must be a certain weight.

Any deviation from the regulations can result in tragedy.

The Diligence, Experience and Insight You Need.

At The Gorospe Law Group Personal Injury Law Firm, we get to work while you work on recovering. We secure evidence from the trucking company, including logbooks, driving records and “black box” data. We work with engineers and truck accident reconstructionists to identify where the negligence occurred.

In addition, co-founder Anthony F. Gorospe brings a background as an insurance defense attorney. Now, he is on the side of the injured. He is on your side.

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