Serious motorcycle accident injuries can change your life forever. You have every reason to seek legal services from a good Tulsa motorcycle accident attorney.

The dream of owning a motorcycle and traveling down the open road can quickly turn into a nightmare. Drivers of cars and trucks often claim that they just “couldn’t see” motorcycles before they crashed into them. More likely, they were simply not paying attention or were under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Tulsa personal injury attorneys at the Gorospe Law Group advocate for injured motorcyclists in Tulsa and throughout the state Oklahoma.

Let our motorcycle accident attorneys hold a negligent car or truck driver accountable for causing your motorcycle accident. Our Tulsa motorcycle accident lawyers take an aggressive approach in pursuit of damages for your serious injuries.

While we handle cases that involve car and truck accidents, our practice of motorcycle accident litigation usually involves catastrophic injuries and even death. Motorcyclists do not have the luxury of an enclosed frame or any level of restraint. When a car or truck strikes a motorcycle, chances are the motorcyclist will suffer damage that is very serious to their bike and themselves.

With that in mind, we aggressively pursue damages against negligent individuals. At the Gorospe Law Group our job is to hold negligent persons accountable for not only the damages to your motorcycle, but also the catastrophic injuries you suffered.

Our motor vehicle accident attorneys in Tulsa Know How the Insurance Companies Work.

Tulsa motorcycle accident attorney Anthony F. Gorospe defended insurance companies in personal injury cases prior to joining our firm. He has a keen awareness about how they build cases and when they will choose to settle or litigate a motorcycle accident case. That background, insight and knowledge is invaluable to you. The Gorospe Law Group personal injury attorneys are experienced motorcycle accident lawyers.

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