Most drivers that cause car accidents are just not paying attention or driving too fast. Inattentiveness and driving too fast are often the cause of car crashes. Sometimes a driver is more concerned with texting or making a “much-needed” cell phone call than with driving. Other times an impaired individual behind the wheel of a car who is just coming home from a night out can cause disaster ending in car accident related injuries.

Inattentiveness and impairment from alcohol or drugs are recipes for disaster. Tulsa car accident attorneys at the Gorospe Law Group are experienced car accident attorneys who aggressively pursue damages from those who choose to operate their car negligently causing innocent victims personal injury.  Tulsa Car Accident Lawyer Taking the easy insurance settlement offered to you immediately following your accident will not make your life any easier. Take the time to speak to an experienced auto accident lawyer to learn more about what your options are.

The Pain and Pressures Following a Car Accident: Following your car accident, you feel the pain from injuries. Add to that the pressure from an overly aggressive insurance adjustor coercing you into settling fast. They may even try to trick you. They do not care about your short and long-term injuries and damages. They are not typically looking out for your best interests. All the insurance companies want to do is save money, which means paying you less than you deserve or nothing at all. Our Tulsa lawyers know what your needs are now and in the future and will attend to all the legal matters taking the pressure off of you and giving you time to recover from your car accident related injuries.

Building Your Car Accident Case with Experience, Expertise and Insight: At the Gorospe Law Group our Tulsa car accident lawyers employ an in-depth, detail-oriented approach to your car wreck. Our accident attorneys are hands-on, and they rely on the expertise of accident reconstructionists, medical professionals and other industry professionals to build your case. In addition, co-founder Anthony F. Gorospe brings a background as an insurance defense attorney. He knows how insurance companies settle and litigate car accident cases. Simply put, our Tulsa car accident attorneys provide a level of dedicated and knowledgeable representation that few other firms can provide.

If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury due to a car accident, call an experienced Tulsa car accident lawyer today at 918-582-7775.

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