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Construction zones can be extremely dangerous if those in charge do not exercise extraordinary care and follow standard safety regulations and guidelines. Construction accident injuries come in many forms. Typical construction worksite dangers include ladder accidents, scaffolding accidents, forklift injuries, crane accidents, falling objects/debris and electrocutions.

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A fall from a broken or unsecured ladder while on a construction site can result in broken bones, neck injuries, back injuries, or even spinal cord injuries, paralysis, or death. The severity of a ladder accident may vary, but where a third party was at fault for your injury, you may be entitled to significant compensation for those injuries and disabilities.


Construction workers often have to use scaffolding in order to perform their work. When a worker falls from scaffolding, or when scaffolding collapses, it can cause them or others life-altering injuries. Such injuries include head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and broken bones.


Millions of forklifts are in used in construction sites and industrial settings. Forklift accidents account for many thousands of severe injuries and a large number of deaths each year in the United States.

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Cranes are instrumental in any large construction project. They also create potential hazards. Those hazards can come from overloading, side pull, outrigger failure, Outrigger failure, Hoist limitations, Two-blocking, Killer hooks [without a throat latch], Boom buckling, Upset/Overturn, Unintentional turntable turning, Oversteer/crabbing, Control confusion, Access/egress and Power-line contact.

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Construction sites can often be hazardous because of falling objects. Sometimes workers or equipment can recklessly cause objects to fall and injure innocent people.

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Construction sites can often be hazardous because of falling debris. Sometimes workers or equipment can recklessly cause debris to fall and injure innocent people.


Electrical contact at a construction site is a very dangerous possibility. Crucial in these types of cases is the ability to capture and preserve photographic and documentary evidence as well as arranging immediate evaluation by experts at the site. Electrocution cases may require a forensic pathologist, an electrical and a civil engineer.

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