Car accident settlement – $350,000.00 – Personal Injury

Gorospe Law Group wins car accident settlement for an injured client to the sum of $350,000.00. Our injury attorneys represented a Tulsa driver injured in an auto accident. At the Gorospe Law Group our attorneys are experienced lawyers with backgrounds in personal injury and civil litigation. Our injury lawyers provide legal services to the Tulsa community that can be a great benefit to you if you are facing medical bills, lost time from work and…

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Tulsa, OK

If you live in or around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and are the victim of an automobile, motorcycle, or commercial trucking accident that was not your fault, you deserve the benefits you are eligible to receive. If someone you love suffered from a wrongful death, either due to an accident, medical malpractice or any number of reasons involving neglect, you have the option for a free legal consultation with a knowledgeable and qualified injury attorney….

Avoiding Personal Injury – Tips For Young Drivers

Gorospe Law Group: Personal Injury Law Firm in Tulsa: Experience Young drivers typically bring enthusiasm but little, if any, experience to operating a motor vehicle. Poor judgment in driving skills means that novice drivers need to compensate by taking their time, making wise choices and focusing on the task at hand, including keeping their eyes on the road and other drivers. By following several suggestions, inexperienced drivers can drive safely and avoid auto accidents and…

Tulsa World Reports on Gorospe Law Group Client Lawsuit

Tulsa World Reports on Gorospe Law Group Client Lawsuit

City of Tulsa loses suit against motorcyclists injured in collision with Tulsa police officer City Council approves a $150,000 court judgment stemming from a police cruiser hitting riders. By SAMANTHA VICENT World Staff Writer | Read full article After over four years of the City of Tulsa not taking responsibility for a motorcycle accident involving Mr. Gorospe’s client, a jury returned a verdict in favor of Mr. Gorospe’s client. Personal Injury Lawyer Anthony Gorospe “Grass’…

Motorcycle Safety – Avoid Accidents and Personal Injury

Motorcycle Safety – Avoid Accidents and Personal Injury

Riding a motorcycle is fun, but it is also dangerous. Here are some tips for you new riders to help you avoid Tulsa Car Accident Lawyer. Whether they’re buying a new or new-to-them motorcycle, motorcycle riders need to be prepared even before they take that first ride. Motorcycle Helmets Prevent Injury Riders who are buying their first motorcycle should start that preparation in a motorcycle accessories shop. They should buy the best helmet they can…

DUI – Oklahoma Law Lowers Blood Alcohol Limit for Boaters

DUI – Oklahoma Law Lowers Blood Alcohol Limit for Boaters

The Oklahoma legislature recently passed a new law that targets operators of boats and watercraft. The new law lowers the legal blood alcohol limit from 0.10 to 0.08 percent. With this new blood alcohol law in place authorities are strengthening their warnings and advising people to drink responsibly on the water to avoid boating accidents and DUI offenses. The police and park rangers will be paying more attention to boaters operating under the influence and…

Oklahoma Supreme Court Justices

On November 6, Oklahomans will be asked whether they want to retain 4 Oklahoma Supreme Court Justices. The Oklahoma Bar Association is providing information about the justices and courts in general at We encourage everybody to read this and learn the facts about courts.

Tulsa Personal Injury Attorney – Commercial

After an accident what you do next is crucial. Not knowing your rights allows insurance companies to deny benefits and not allow proper medical treatment. So if you have had a personal injury at no fault of your own call Gorospe & Smith Law Firm today for your free consultation at (918) 582-7775 and make what you do next count.

Tulsa Car Accident -$155,000.00 – Personal Injury

The attorneys at the Gorospe Law Group recently represented an individual that was hit by a careless driver that ran a stop sign. Our personal injury attorneys were able to recover enough money to pay all of the client’s medical bills that accumulated due to injuries and leave him a substantial amount of money for his pain and suffering due to the accident. If you or a loved one has suffered personal injury due to someone…