Personal Injury Car Accident Settlement for $220,000.00

This case was litigated by Gorospe Law Group’s Tulsa personal injury lawyers. This was a disputed liability case involving a car accident. Both parties argued that the other was at fault for a collision that occurred in the middle of a rural intersection with no traffic control devices (stop signs, stop lights, etc.). After extensive pre-trial discovery, this case settled immediately before trial.

Tulsa Personal Injury Accident Settlement for $80,000.00

Gorospe Law Group took this case after our client was cut by glass after being Tulsa Car Accident Lawyer in a parking lot. Gorospe Law Group referred our client to a leading plastic surgeon for an evaluation and treatment. After extensive pre litigation investigation, the insurance company more than doubled their original offer after being presented with everything Gorospe Law Group had obtained. If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone…